11 Tips for Learning New Skills

Entrepreneurs regularly find themselves having to learn new skills.  Technology changes, programs change, customer and clients’ needs change, there is always something to learn.

Learn Head Meaning Education Learning Studying Training And Research

I remember when I first started my business, I thought once I learned the skills needed to get started and making a profit, I wouldn’t need to focus so much time on learning.  Wow, was I wrong.    There is always something new to learn.  Rarely does a day go by that I don’t have something new to learn.  We all face the need to learn new skills and knowledge on a routine basis if we want to continue to be productive.  How do you approach these needs?  Here are a few tips to help.

Tips for Learning New Skills and Knowledge

  1. Learn – There are so many resources for learning. Take classes, purchase info products, books, online courses, and other learning opportunities are about.  Just open your mind to the possibilities and find something to learn about.
  2. Find a Mentor – Is there someone you know who will take the time to help you? A friend, fellow entrepreneur, coach, or someone else who is willing to take you under their wing and mentor you.
  3. Pace Yourself – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give it time.  It takes time to learn new skills and knowledge.  Baby steps are better than no steps.  Think of it as a marathon and not a sprint.  You might not have time to read a book but maybe a chapter today, or one magazine article.
  4. Ask Lots of Questions – Ask your coach, ask your peers, ask co-workers, ask, ask, ask! The more questions you ask the more you will learn.  Don’t be embarrassed that people will think you are stupid because you have to ask questions.   I have always found the people who ask questions to be of high intelligence.
  5. Get Organized – Keeping yourself organized is not only good for learning new skills but for your business in general. If I am taking a course, I try to keep everything for that course in one folder or general area.  Then break it down into subfolders.  I keep all my notes in the same notebook for the course.  Even the most unorganized people can learn to be organized.
  6. Set Priorities – As we mentioned earlier you have to pace yourself and if you set proper priorities and take a step at a time you will make progress. You just have to keep your priorities in focus or the simple but urgent things will become the most important and steal time from your priorities.
  7. Remember Your Mission – Why are you learning this new skill or knowledge? How will you use it in your business?   Remember this is what you need to be doing for now to grow your business and it deserves your attention.
  8. Perfection is Not the Goal – It is important to learn to do the skill or use the knowledge well, but you do not need to be perfect. If you wait till you can do the skill to perfection, you are missing lots of opportunities for success.
  9. Be A Completer – If you start a course or a project to learn new skills or knowledge. Finish the course.  Don’t lose interest and quit halfway through.  Be a completer.  If you need to find someone to hold you accountable, then do so.
  10. Implement, Implement, Implement – Learning isn’t enough. Once you learn the new skill or knowledge you need to implement immediately.  Those that take action and implement quickly have the best chance for success.  An accountability coach or partner can also help with this area too.
  11. Learn to Say “NO” – While you are learning new skills, other opportunities and bright shiny objects will come your way. You need to learn to say “NO” to some of these things.  Other courses, different coaches, etc.  You can’t do everything!  Learn what to say “NO” to and what to embrace and you will do yourself and your business a favor.

Entrepreneurs have personal goals and dreams for their businesses, but to reach those goals they have to be open to constantly learning new things.  There is no better time than NOW to start learning.

Do you have any other tips to share for learning new skills?





Changing Your Life: Where to Begin

Accountability SquadWe all want to live a better life.  We want to be more and do more in the time we have.  But do you know the steps to take to make this a reality?   Many of us wonder through life wondering how to improve our situation.

Natalie Marie Collins has some suggestions.   She is speaking from the heart on the things that helped her make a huge change in her life.

Natalie says:


Words are incredibly powerful. It’s Universal Law that if you speak negatively, negativity will come back to you. If you speak positively, positivity will come back to you.”

The words and stories we tell ourselves have a huge impact on our life and our future.  Using affirmations properly can make a difference.

We can all change our lives, whether it is a new job, a weight loss, a new attitude, a healthier lifestyle, etc.  But it all takes time.   Very rarely are there quick fixes to the important things we want to change.

Take a few minutes to read Natalie’s post, 5 Tips To Start Changing Your Life  and take the steps now to begin changing your life.


Accountability Squad Roundup: April 17, 2015

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12 Traits to Cultivate for Success

Success depends on a certain amount of luck, but smart people don’t leave it up to chance.  They work hard to make sure they are in the right place at the right time with the right skills for opportunities that might come their way.   They have worked to improve the strengths essential for success.  Are you one of those people?

If not, you can work to improve your skills and knowledge as well as important strengths.  In the book Work Your Strengths, authors Chuck Martin, Richard Guare, and Peg Dawson identify 12 strengths essential to success.

Key With Success Word Shows Winning Or Achievement

Essential Strengths

  1. Response inhibition: The ability to think before you act.  You don’t carry out knee-jerk reactions, you stop and weigh the consequences before taking action.
  2. Working memory: Remembering information while you are performing complex tasks.
  3. Emotional control: Not giving in to anger, anxiety, or other counterproductive feelings at the drop of a hat.  You can control you emotions during the heat of the moment.
  4. Sustained attention: The ability to focus on the immediate job.  Focus is important to completing tasks.
  5. Task initiation: Getting started.   Self-motivation.  You can see what needs done and do it without someone telling you what to do.
  6. Planning and prioritizing: Knowing what’s important and what to do first.  Knowing what needs done in the short term and what is needed in the long term.
  7. Organization: Having all the tools and resources available whenever you need them.
  8. Time management: Using your time efficiently.  Knowing what items need more time and planning accordingly.  Limiting the time spent on frivolous activities like Candy Crush, etc.
  9. Goal-directed persistence: Setting goals and moving steadily toward them.  You have benchmarks to know when you are making progress and reaching your goals.
  10. Flexibility: The ability to adapt to change.  Working around obstacles and unexpected issues.
  11. Perspective: Seeing the big picture and your role in it.  Knowing what problem are minor and what will affect the big picture.
  12. Stress tolerance: The ability to deal with stress.  To know how to work through it and to not let it get to you.

 I hope you found this list helpful. So how would you rate yourself on these success strengths?   Do you need to work on them to improve your success?    Today is a great time to start to improve.  Pick the items from the list that you feel need some work and get started.  Tell others what you are working on and be accountable to someone. (a coach, accountability partner, etc.)

As you prepare for success, let us know in the comments below which skills you are working on.






Put an End to Procrastination

Accountability SquadThere are times when even though I know what I should be doing, I sometimes do everything but what needs done.  I put things off till the last minute and then that increases my stress level.  Procrastination is  something everyone battles from time to time.  Have you ever put off till tomorrow what you should be doing now?

Timo Kiander  is a blogger, author, and speaker who helps work-at-home professionals get stuff done fast so that they have time for living.   In his post he provides lots of tips, strategies, and steps to get you over your procrastination.

Timo says:

“If you look at any task, this is how it breaks down:

Planning phase: All the necessary planning and preparation

Execution phase: Making sure you actually pull through your task

Finishing phase: Making sure that it’s 100% done”

Sounds simple enough, but each of the phases has a variety of sub-steps.  Timo identifies and explains a total of 12 sub-steps that will help you get started, stay motivate, and finish.

Read:  Start Taking Action: 12 Steps to Beat Procrastination and Finish What You Started

I’m sure you will find this blog post helpful in your quest for productivity.


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3 Tips for Success

Are you as productive as you could be?  Sure, from time to time, each of us can find ourselves on a plateau and we feel like we are just treading water.  You feel stuck in a position, or you can see lots of room for growth, but you are finding it difficult to gather the energy and focused effort necessary to get going and reach your goals.   I’m an accountability coach who helps people get over roadblocks and be accountable for their success.  Often we need to discuss the three R’s to get them back on track.  Maybe the three R’s will help you too.

Three R's

The Three R’s

1. Release – Find a way to release the old habits, attitudes, grudges, and disappointments that are holding you back.  We all have them, you are no different.   We may not recognize them for what they are.  A coach can sometimes help you to see them.  Making a commitment to let go of what we don’t need or is getting in our way can be the first step in our journey to  productivity and success.

2. Reaffirm –  Remember and reaffirm the strengths, skills, knowledge and record of success that have brought you this far.  The past may not have been perfect, but our core competencies are our best bets to carry us forward.  A coach can help you dig deep and take an inventory and remind you of the gifts you hold and help you reengage them to get things going.

3. Reinvent –  Get updated training in an area of interest or emerging importance. Hone your current skills.  Expand your professional network to include people in the role or roles to which you aspire.  Try new things and give yourself permission to explore.  Have an open mind.  It just might be the right time to move in a new direction.  Reinvent yourself and what you have to offer.  It could possibly take you to a new and exciting place.

Whether you work with a coach or do it on your own, remembering the three R’s can help invigorate you and your business and move you towards success.

So which of the 3 R’s do you plan to work on first?


How to Stay Motivated

Accountability SquadDo you consider yourself highly motivated?  Do you know what motivates you?  I’ve noticed that some people seem to always be in high gear and have the motivation to keep moving forward while others seem to lose their mojo and just can’t get things moving.

Motivation whether intrinsic or extrinsic is important for business owners.  You can’t wait for someone else, you need to do what is necessary to keep your business going.  That means finding the next client, writing the next blog post, giving the next speech, sending the next invoice, etc.  Motivation to do these things is key.

JD over at Sources of Insight says;

“Motivation is often the difference that makes the difference.  If you have ability, but no motivation, you won’t produce great results.  On the flip side, if you combine ability with motivation, you can produce outstanding results.”

JD has noticed key habits that highly motivated people seem to have.  They include spending time on your values, building feedback loops, creating compelling goals and much more.

Learn more about the habits of the highly motivated.  Read:  7 Habits of Highly Motivated People


Accountability Squad Roundup: April 3, 2015

Our blog roundup for the week.   Check out our selection of great posts to help you and your business.

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Improve Productivity: Know Yourself

Accountability Squad Did you know listening to your body rhythms and natural inclinations can make you more productive?  No this isn’t an April Fool’s prank.  You can alter the time and way you do things to increase your chances of success.

Nicole Dean wrote Optimizing for Productivity over on Coach Glue.  She talks about ways you can help yourself be more productive, knowing  yourself, your best times of day, your body rhythms, etc..

Nicole says,

 “I used to try to sit here in front of the computer and work all day, but I found that I wasn’t nearly as productive as when I work in those focused bursts. I’ve given myself permission to come and go from my office, as needed, rather than forcing myself to sit here so I felt “busy”. Busy and productive are not the same things – especially when running a business.”

After reading her post, I thought about times when I am most productive. There are times when I am just busy, but not necessarily getting things done.  I need to work more with my natural rhythms.

So are you being productive, or just busy?

 Check out her post and see if her ideas give you clarity and perhaps you will be more productive too.